Veterans Medical Benefits Package –

Through My HealtheVet, there are some offers of Veterans Affairs including the personal health record which can be found at for the veterans, service members, dependents, as well as caregivers. It is kind of free Personal Health Record which can be found anytime online. It can be reached 24/7 online. There are some things which can be done by them who have the account which is upgraded. Upgraded account can be found by completing the authentication process one time in person.

  • They are able to participate in the secure communication through message with the members of health care team from Veterans Affairs.
  • They will also be able to view the DoD key points of military service information.
  • Wellness reminders by Veterans Affairs can be obtained as well.
  • To check Veterans Affairs appointments,
  • To check Veterans Affairs lab results,
  • Kavailabey portions of electronic health record including adverse reaction or allergies, comprehensive care document by Veterans Affair can be viewed.
  • Veterans will be able to access the health information which is trusted with My HealtheVet for getting better management of personal health care.
  • They can also get information about other benefits and services from Veterans Affairs.


Through My HealtheVet The veterans will get help for partner with the health care teams of Veterans Affairs because there will be tools available which allow them to get decision which can be shared and informed. Registration can be done simply by following the directions on the web. Veterans Affair medications online can be refilled by the patients of Veterans Affair who are registered through My HealtheVet.

Veterans Affairs Blue Button can be used for viewing, printing, or downloading the health data in the account. The information can be shared to family, caregivers, or the health care providers besides the Veterans Affairs. It means that veterans have the control of their information which is stored in My HealtheVet. DoD Military Service Information can be accessed by the veterans who were discharged from the military service after 1979. Military Occupational Specialty codes, retirement periods, deployment, service dates, as well as pay details can be included in the information.

Veterans Health Care Benefits –

My HealtheVet – -US military veterans who are eligible will get the outpatient medical service, medicine, hospital care, as well as supplies from Veterans Health Care Benefits. However, for getting these benefits, the veterans have to be enrolled in the health system of Veterans Administration which can be done anytime. The benefits may also be received by the family members of veterans who are eligible. Monthly premium will not be found for getting the Veterans Administration care but it is possible that there is co-pay.

Eligible veterans for this health system:

  • Veterans who suffer from disabilities connected to the service of 50% or more.
  • They also want to get the care for disability which is determined by the military occurs in the duty line.
  • This is eligible for them who want the care for disability which is only connected to the service only.

Registration with Foreign Medical Program is necessary for them who are travelling or living overseas so they can get the health care benefits from Veterans Administration.




Eligibility will be based on the active military service in the uninformed service including: the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, Commissioned Corps of the Public Health Service, and also Commissioned Officer Corps of the NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration). My HealtheVet

Veterans Administration health care benefits can also be qualified for the members of Reservists and National Guard who were asked by the presidential Executive Order to active duty. It is also possible that the Merchant Marines during World War II and former military Service Academies cadets eligible for these benefits.

Veterans can be eligible for these benefits if they have been discharged from the service not under the dishonorable conditions. The Veterans Administration will review the application which is filed by the veterans for indicating that they have honorable service.

The military service length will not be special requirement for the veterans who are entered before the 1980s. Minimum active duty maybe will be needed by veterans who entered the active duty as officer after 16th October 1981 or as enlisted person after 7th September 1980. Full length of time the service order to the veteran will be the requirement for the reservists as well as members of National Guard who got the federal active duty call by the presidential executive order. 24 months continuous service will become the common requirement for others. Of course there are some exceptions which can be found for these rules.

Members of returning service including the members of Reservists and National Guard who were involved on the active duty in the combat operation theater service will get special eligibility for nursing home care, medical service, as well as hospital care for two years after the active duty discharge.

Health care cannot be offered by the Veterans Administration to every veteran with the basic requirement fulfillment due to the budget requirement. Complex priorities system can be found in the law. The most law includes the age, income, and also disability aspect.

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VA Drug Rehab For Veterans –

My HealtheVet  – VA Drug Rehab program is available for the veterans who are dealing with the alcohol or drug problem. There are various kinds of difficulties which have been experienced by the veterans. They include the depression, problems for controlling anger, physical health problems, as well as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Many of them who have PTSD also suffer from the drug and alcohol use. That is why there are many veterans who have to get involved with the legal problems. This problem is responded by several veterans’ affairs medical centers which can be found in the country by working together with the local court system for providing them who have to get involved with the offenses related to drug or non-violent alcohol the second chance so they can get their life back in order.

Common Veteran’s Problem with PTDS, Alcohol, and Drugs

One thing which should be understood by the veterans is that they are not the only person in the world who has to deal with problem associated with alcohol or drug. It is pretty common for veterans with PTSD for turning to alcohol and drug. According to the US Department of Veteran Affairs, there are over two out of ten veterans who suffer from PTSD also suffer from substance use disorder or SUD. The war veterans with PTSD as well as alcohol problem tend to become binge drinkers and it can be caused by the trauma of bad memories combat.  Almost one out of three veterans who are looking for SUD treatment also suffers from PTSD. Approximately one in ten veterans who returned from Afghanistan and Iraq has problem with drugs and alcohol. My HealtheVet

Works of VA Drug Rehab

There are some supports which are offered by the Veterans Alcohol and Drug Dependence Rehabilitation Program. They includes the therapies for rehabilitation combined with the social, vocational, and of course medical therapies to the veterans who are dependent to drug and alcohol. It is offered in varied forms including the detoxification, rehab, and also the psychiatric care. It is placed in the medical centers and also clinics of Veterans Affairs. Veterans Treatment Courts is created by the Veterans Affair with the local court system with the non violent alcohol felonies or drug related offenses as the specific target. The veterans with this offense will be diverted to the special court and they will get the sentences for getting treatment which is provided by the Veterans Affair. There will be also mentor for the veterans who can offer them with assistance for some issues including housing and employment. The best treatment for the veterans will be determined by mental health professional who is affiliated with the Veterans Affairs. The progress during the treatment will be monitored not only by the judge but also by the Veterans Affair team for making sure that program can be successful. There is hope that the veterans will get rehabilitation opportunity. It must be great if they can reduce the future alcohol and drug problem.

Eligible Veterans

If the veterans are enrolled in the VA health care system, they will be eligible for the Veterans Alcohol and Drug Dependence Rehabilitation Program. There may be exception from the Veterans Affair because usually the discharge or service character must not be under dishonorable condition for getting the benefits as well as services from Veterans Affair. Veterans Health Administration manages the drug rehabilitation program of Veterans Affair. My HealtheVet

VA Mental Health Care – What You Need to Know –

My HealtheVet – The Department of Veteran Affair or VA gives the service for inpatient and outpatient in many medical centers and the clinic to the veterans. Besides, the counseling service is also providing not only for the veterans but also for the all family member using community basic. Moreover, the service is across the nation. The purpose of this program is for supporting the recovery of the veterans. It is possible for the veterans who got the physiological health problem to live longer and Meaningful. More than that, the veteran will feel more meaningful in facing the life.

VA also provides the counseling for military sexual with free of charge. The service is including the caring to get over of traumas that caused by the sexual abuse or physical attacks during the active duty or the harassment during the Active Duty for Training or also called as ADUTRA.

The service of mental health is available in certain clinics, the primary care clinic, the residential care facility, and the nursing home. The program is specialized to the participants with various services  such as the management of psychological intensive care, the day center, the working programs and the rehabilitation for people who has the problem in psychosocial.


Their particular of services & programs which Mental Health facilitates consist of:

  • Residential Care
  • Outpatient & inpatient Mental Health Care
  • Incarcerated Veterans
  • Homeless Programs
  • Specialized PTSD Service
  • Sexual Trauma for military
  • Psychosocial Rehabilitation and Recovery Services
  • Suicide Programs
  • Substance Use Disorders
  • Violence Prevention
  • Geriatrics
  • Programs on Evidence Based Psychotherapy
  • Mental Disaster Response or Post Deployment Act

Regardless of enrollment status “Veterans Crisis Line” available to all Veterans)

You need to make an immediate call if you have such symptoms:

  •     Thinking of killing or hurting others or yourself
  •     Living with an emotional dilemma.
  •     Experiencing a feeling like there is no way out (Hopelesness)
  •     Writing orTalking about suicide, dying or death.
  •     Involved in drug abuse.

The Hotline number for the National Suicide Prevention: 800-273TALK (8255) and Press number 1 for Veterans.

Some other Symptoms

  • sleeplessness,Anxiety, mood and swings agitation.
  • To feel like there isn’t any reason to stay alive.
  • Extended periods of rage or anger.
  • Doing dangerous activities with no thinking.
  • Drug abuse and alchohol more and more
  • Avoiding friedns and family.

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Irritable Bowel Syndrome in Veterans –

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Irritable Bowel Syndrome

It is the real service when a person is serving the military. Becomes a veteran gives many benefits as well. One of them is the unforgettable adventure and travelling around the world. More than that, the veteran may get the special training, the steady wages, and the coverage of health insurance. But in the deep heart, the proud felling is the most important part in this service. But in contrast, in some cases the spreading of the veterans in some area or in the combat can cause some problems such as the psychological and physical injure whether in short term or long term. One of the health problems that appeared to the veterans is the disorder of gastrointestinal function with the popular case of IBS or Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

Post the spreading of the health problem

Some researchers are done through some disease on veterans who had combat in Gulf War. In addition, it is appeared the new information that the health problems also exist to the veterans who are active on duty in Afghanistan and Iraq.


The diagnose of the illness

Most of the people at that time of today are familiar with the name syndrome of Gulf War. And the VA (Department of Veterans Affairs) used this term to call this illness with the multi symptoms of unexplained medically chronic. The VA believes that this illness can be happened because of the active duty during the combat. As the result, the symptoms may be appeared before, during, or after the spreading.

About Irritable Bowel Syndrome

This issue may raise many questions. One of them is why the military service or the veteran can increase the risk of the developing of Irritable Bowel Syndrome. The answer can be found by the continuing research that is done to this health problem after the infection of the Irritable Bowel Syndrome. It may be happened because the personnel of the military that is placed to the foreign and new area may hold the high risk of foodborne illness, gastroenteritis infection, and diarrhea.

In this case, the disease had been predicted that the people who has the risk of this IBS disease. The estimation of this disease is six times larger than the person who never experiences the original disease.  Unluckily, the risk may increase in the same place during several years by following the original illness. The study of the post infection of IBS has got some factors that are possible for the veterans who want who come home from the IBS service. The risk of IBS will be increased to the individual who has the high level in anxiety and worry. It will be happened especially with the connection of the life that is full of problem because it can create the level of stress of the personal. It may be happened in at least three months before the illness. The stress feeling also is experienced by the veterans or the military service. The stress feeling may be including the traumatic feeling in the combat, the huge fear feeling that are going to be  harmed and the stress feeling because of far from home and family. These factors can be the major contributions to the risk of the developing of this Irritable Bowel Syndrome.  My HealtheVet

How to take care and the benefits for the disable people

As the good news, the VA realized that the Irritable Bowel Syndrome or IBS can be used as the disable condition for the benefit of the health care. It becomes the compensation of the disability for people who had served the in the war such as Iraq, Afghanistan, or Gulf War. IBS is determined as the result of the military service. So the veterans must get the assessment of the health with the free charge and great service is health care. This service of health care can be earned in the center of Veterans Health Administration.

The effort of advocacy

The International Foundation for Functional Gastrointestinal Disorders (IFFGD) provides the service of the advocacy effort to the personnel of the military to get the service in healing the disease. This department builds the service in the treatment of functional gastrointestinal disorder or FGD. The system is built to make the service can be experienced by many people.

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Jobs For Disabled Veterans –

My HealtheVet– Based on law of employment, it is a right for a people not to reveal about the disability potential. It may be happened if the disability is related directly to the job. It is acceptable to be opening minded. The open minded will bring the trust feeling and it shows honest feeling. The employer will be seen as the honest and proactive people in doing the job either.

In some points, the process of searching job becomes the employer’s prospective, especially for the employee with disability. The process including the referral for the employer, the resume, the cover letter, the result of the interview and the job desk of the job offered.

It must be careful to consider the benefits and the draw back from revealing each point in certain situation. The employer will know the decision about the life of disable employee.


The misunderstanding in this case

For disable people who look for job will face many obstacles in any from start from the discomfort and the misunderstanding about the accommodation of the disability cost. The survey of several organization shows that they employ the people with disability or people with mental disorder. The cost of the employers with disability is able to cover the need of employer about $500 or even less than the amount. It is also said that employed the disable employee, the employer don’t need to accommodate the new place to work for the disable staff. When the owner of a corporation is asked why they are hiring the disabled employee, some of them answered that the people can’t do the work at the organization. There are many employers reported that the subjective judgment is not the experience in hiring the disable people in their office or company. Based on the latest report, there are many businessmen now is developing the method in recruit the disable workers. The big company may be holding this recruitment than the smaller company. This practical business is able to accommodate in recruiting the workers who has the disabled. My HealtheVet

The disable worker has the huge desire in working like the normal worker. This kind of employee can help the employer to deal with challenge and problem in staffing. As the result, the policy marker and the private company must break the challenge by making training and then hiring the best disabled employees.

What about the disabled veteran who wants to be candidate?

As the fact, in every year, there are thousands of military personnel who want to join in the disable veteran. They are trained well with military education. In addition, they are trained with certain knowledge and more experience. And the fact said that disabled candidate is loyal with their commitment. They offered themselves to serve the nation and the organization. They understand how to be discipline and how to work in team work. More than that, it can be seen that they are serious in doing the job. Now, there are some programs that offered to give service in training and employment for the disabled veterans.

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PTSD in Veterans – Disability Compensation Claim For Post Traumatic Stress Disorder –

ptsd in veterans

My HealtheVet– Many people fought with their lives for their country. After war was finished, many veterans suffered from some diseases. One of them is Post-Traumatic Stress Disorders or it is well known as PTSD. Many people are not still familiar with PTSD. Basically it is a mental health issue that can cause traumatic experience for the patience. American Psychiatric Associations Diagnostics and Statistical Manual for Mental Disorders, Fourth Edition (DSM-IV) adds that the symptoms of this mental illness develops because of the extreme trauma and stress based on the patience’s personal experience of certain event which involves serious injury and even threatened death or other serious threat to someone’s life which cause intense and serious helplessness, horror and fear.

However, this medical issue doesn’t occur and show up for days, weeks, months and even years. Every time a veteran has this PTSD condition, they should get PTSD service which is compensable and they will get their right with disability benefits.


Many veterans of the military sometimes find it hard to prove to the Veteran Affair which is an institution to give services and benefits for all veterans. They sometimes can’t prove that the service of PTSD is connected. By writing this article right now of the basic requirement if a veteran wants to claim the PTSD service to Veteran Affair. I hope there will be more veterans who can claim their benefits and secure their lives from this horrible mental health. My HealtheVet

There are three important reasons which a veteran must show to claim the disability compensation because of PTSD. These are the following reasons a veteran must pay attention to:

1) The first one is, the veteran must be diagnosed with PTSD. So, the first requirement you have to provide is the evidence of your medical record which states that you are diagnosed with this disease. The Veteran Affair sometimes misdiagnosed this disease and to avoid this always check and measure. You can go to private psychologist or psychiatrist to evaluate your previous diagnose.

2) The second is, you as the veteran should prove that your PTSD disease occurred during your service. You have to prove that the trigger comes from your previous experience in your military career. This experience is also known as “in-service stressor”.  There are two kinds of stressors in Veteran Affairs. You have to know that there are two different rules that may apply to the veterans who experience a Combat Stressor or the veterans who experience a Non-Combat Stressors. You must show the credible evidence written by someone or something that can give support that you are categorized as “in-service stressor”. But remember that this is not the only way to prove that your evidence is credible.My HealtheVet

3) The third one is, your ability to give credible evidence which your PTSD and the “in-service stressor” are connected to each other. This may be your hardest element compare to the other element that you need to prove. You must have the evidence from medical expert whose opinion matters related to the “in-service stressor” since it can be very helpful for you to get the compensation. This evidence should be enough for you to prove that there is a connection between your PTSD and service-connection.

For the other veterans who will head out overseas like Afghanistan or Iraq make sure you see the psychiatrist or psychologist first to avoid PTSD. You have to avoid using the military doctor. Don’t forget to save the documents or report at home when you return because you have to prove that your PTSD occurred during your service.

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Veterans Health Benefits –

My HealtheVet – The health care for veterans is guaranteed by the US government. The US government gives their words to the veterans. This is to honor the veterans’ service to their country in the armed forces. The government informs that there will be explanation of benefits summary, what to do if there are problems in getting the benefits, and how to choose the VA health care suitable for veterans.

The Advantages of Health Care that are Offered to Veterans

The Administration Facilities for Veterans present various kinds of services to many patients, such as:

  • VA facilities for outpatient care include main care visits for $15 co-payment, services for preventive care without co-payment for health fairs, Preventive Screen and Immunization are provided for outpatients, Laboratory facilities, flat-film radiology facilities, electrocardiograms
  • Approved Medication: Right now, veterans are charged $7 for 30 day supply of medication or less.


What to do if there is a problem when Veterans Want to Have Health Care

It shows a simple part of qualified veterans when millions of them are served. However, many veterans still look for opportunities for health care. Why does it happen?

  • Congress discusses to support veterans but they prefer to give fund for providing pork instead. In 2005, the congress showed its disregard to the veterans by saying no to fund promised benefits while it approved $220 million for Alaskan “bridges to nowhere” as fund.
  • Mainly, the services are distributed at a very small number of VA facilities that cannot be accessed easily by many veterans and by both public and private hospitals. Congress has been requested to allow veterans access to public and private hospitals. However the congress refuses to do so.
  • Qualified Care is Still a Very Big Question. There are various qualities that can be perceived from their locations. The VA results are not given for each location. Many veterans really know that their VA health care services are satisfactory though. However, the Federal Department of Health and Human Services records the performance of many hospitals on a location by location basis.
  • Limited Eligibility. If you are a veteran and your services connect disabilities, or if you are terribly disabled, or penniless, you will be qualified to access benefits. The Congress has limited access that was promised to all veterans. Compared to the World War I when veterans were given full eligibility, obviously our congress has separated the defenders of the constitution to eight separate classes. In some cases, now eligibility depends on whether the veterans worked in conflict with honors, but if eligibility depends on whether paperwork was filled out last January 17, 2013.
  • Second Rate of Prescribed Drugs. The VA gives approved drugs that exclude many modern prescriptions. Patients often choose to use superior drugs instead of VA drugs formulary. My HealtheVet

How Can I Have Benefits from My Veterans Health Care?

If you are a veteran and you are penniless, terribly disabled, or have gained the Medal of Honor (there has been only a single receiver from the Iraq conflict, and he or she gave his or her life in the service), you can just fill out the VA form 10-10EZ, the application form for Health Benefits. If you are not satisfied, you are one in millions.

Is there any congress member who supports veteran benefits?

Many congress members support our military troops. Veterans benefit from a very good lobbying as a sugar cane growers do. Interested parties may contact their congresspersons and make them support our military troops by giving a full fund for the promised health care.

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PTSD Vietnam – Is There Still Time to Heal From the PTSD?

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If you have PTSD as a result of service in Vietnam, there is good news. Time is your friend and their is time to get over the trauma. Because of the way that PTSD is manifested, time away from the actual cause of the trauma is a turn in your favor, one of the only positive things one might say about the disorder. It is said that time heals all wounds and to some extent that is true. Because your mind experienced the trauma and took a snap shot, so to speak, of the situation as it happened, it remembers the intensity of the moment almost the same as it just happened. Time will take away some of the edge to get things moving in the right direction for you, but the real healing begins when you are able to control the mind’s perception even more than time has allowed on it’s own.

Perception Is The Key

Perception is the mind’s mental recording of the events that led to the trauma, that one moment in time or multiple events over a particular span of time. When we learn how to change the mind;s perception is when we begin to feel differently about the situation that caused the trauma. It is inevitable that one will feel differently because of the way perception is created. My HealtheVet


Your Subjective Experience

Subjective experience is the individual way in which we see, or experience the world around us. And because each experience is unique we all have our own “version” of reality. Make sense? Because each subjective experience has a clearly defined structure (what makes it unique compared to another person’s experience or view) it is easy to alter that structure and the direct result of that alteration is a difference in perception. It is not optional. The brain will automatically change the way it thinks about and remembers the event that caused the trauma.

Hope In Action

“What action should I take?” you might ask. Well, if you still suffer from PT SD, I would say do the opposite of what you have been doing. If you have never talked about it because maybe you felt embarrassed or week when speaking your feelings, now is a good time to let someone help you carry the load of the burden you have shouldered alone for all this time. Believe me when I tell you, it is a great relief when you tell someone else who cares about you and wants to help. That is from first hand experience. Other actions include educating yourself about PTSD and it’s causes. Searching for treatments you can work on on your own so as to avoid the nagging embarrassment that goes along with PTSD. Or, you can simply look at it like this; if I do what I have always done about this problem, I will continue to get the same results. My HealtheVet

New Techniques

In the last two years there have been great developments in the treatment of PTSD and anxiety. Take action and learn which one is right for you. What do have to lose?

Rather than read the same old drivel all the psychologists who write books you can’t understand that tell you nothing more than you already knew, why not try something new and discover what’s new in the treatment of PTSD [] If you are looking for a way to get PTSD out of your life, do yourself a favor and look to the future of PSTD treatment [].

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VA Benefits: Hearing and Vision

My HealtheVet – The Department of Veterans Affairs will ensure access to audiology and eye care services including preventive health (care) services and routine vision testing for all enrolled veterans and those veterans exempt from enrollment.


Eyeglasses and Hearing Aids

The VA will provide eyeglasses and hearing aids to veterans who meet the following criteria:

  • Veterans with any compensable service-connected disability.
  • Former Prisoners of War.
  • Purple Heart recipients.
  • Veterans getting benefits benefits under Title 38 United States Code.
  • Veterans who are qualified for an increased pension based on being permanently housebound and in need of regular aid and attendance.
  • Veterans with vision or hearing impairment resulting from diseases or the existence of another medical condition for which the veteran is receiving care or services from VHA, or which resulted from treatment of that medical condition, e.g., stroke, polytrauma, traumatic brain injury, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, vascular disease, geriatric chronic illnesses, toxicity from drugs, ocular photosensitivity from drugs, cataract surgery, and/or other surgeries performed on the eye, ear, or brain resulting in vision or hearing impairment.
  • Veterans with significant functional or cognitive impairment evidenced by deficiencies in the ability to perform activities of daily living. My HealtheVet
  • Those who have vision and/or hearing impairment severe enough that it interferes with their ability to participate actively in their own medical treatment and to reduce the impact of dual sensory impairment (combined hearing and vision loss).
    NOTE: The term “severe” refers to a vision and/or hearing loss that interferes with or restricts access to, involvement in, or active participation in health care services (e.g., communication or reading medication labels). The term is not to be interpreted to mean that a severe hearing or vision loss must exist to be eligible for hearing aids or eyeglasses.
  • Those veterans who have service-connected vision disabilities rated zero percent or service-connected hearing disabilities rated zero percent if there is organic conductive, mixed, or sensory hearing impairment, and loss of pure tone hearing sensitivity in the low, mid, or high-frequency range or a combination of frequency ranges which contribute to a loss of communication ability; however, hearing aids are to be provided only as needed for the service-connected hearing disability.

Veterans meeting the eligibility requirements to receive health care are eligible for diagnostic audiology services and eye & vision care services. Veterans cannot be denied access to audiology services and/or eye & vision care services covered by the Medical Benefits Package even if they do not meet the eligibility criteria for hearing aids and/or eye glasses. My HealtheVet

For additional information, veterans can contact the prosthetic representative at the nearest VA health care facility. (source: Military.Com)

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