Veterans Medical Benefits Package –

Through My HealtheVet, there are some offers of Veterans Affairs including the personal health record which can be found at for the veterans, service members, dependents, as well as caregivers. It is kind of free Personal Health Record which can be found anytime online. It can be reached 24/7 online. There are some things which can be done by them who have the account which is upgraded. Upgraded account can be found by completing the authentication process one time in person.

  • They are able to participate in the secure communication through message with the members of health care team from Veterans Affairs.
  • They will also be able to view the DoD key points of military service information.
  • Wellness reminders by Veterans Affairs can be obtained as well.
  • To check Veterans Affairs appointments,
  • To check Veterans Affairs lab results,
  • Kavailabey portions of electronic health record including adverse reaction or allergies, comprehensive care document by Veterans Affair can be viewed.
  • Veterans will be able to access the health information which is trusted with My HealtheVet for getting better management of personal health care.
  • They can also get information about other benefits and services from Veterans Affairs.


Through My HealtheVet The veterans will get help for partner with the health care teams of Veterans Affairs because there will be tools available which allow them to get decision which can be shared and informed. Registration can be done simply by following the directions on the web. Veterans Affair medications online can be refilled by the patients of Veterans Affair who are registered through My HealtheVet.

Veterans Affairs Blue Button can be used for viewing, printing, or downloading the health data in the account. The information can be shared to family, caregivers, or the health care providers besides the Veterans Affairs. It means that veterans have the control of their information which is stored in My HealtheVet. DoD Military Service Information can be accessed by the veterans who were discharged from the military service after 1979. Military Occupational Specialty codes, retirement periods, deployment, service dates, as well as pay details can be included in the information.






Veterans Health Care Benefits –

My HealtheVet – -US military veterans who are eligible will get the outpatient medical service, medicine, hospital care, as well as supplies from Veterans Health Care Benefits. However, for getting these benefits, the veterans have to be enrolled in the health system of Veterans Administration which can be done anytime. […]

VA Drug Rehab For Veterans –

My HealtheVet – VA Drug Rehab program is available for the veterans who are dealing with the alcohol or drug problem. There are various kinds of difficulties which have been experienced by the veterans. They include the depression, problems for controlling anger, physical health problems, as well as post-traumatic stress disorder […]

VA Mental Health Care – What You Need to Know –

My HealtheVet – The Department of Veteran Affair or VA gives the service for inpatient and outpatient in many medical centers and the clinic to the veterans. Besides, the counseling service is also providing not only for the veterans but also for the all family member using community basic. Moreover, […]

Irritable Bowel Syndrome in Veterans –

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Irritable Bowel Syndrome

It is the real service when a person is serving the military. Becomes a veteran gives many benefits as well. One of them is the unforgettable adventure and travelling around the world. More than that, the veteran may get the special training, the steady wages, and the coverage of health […]

Jobs For Disabled Veterans –

My HealtheVet – Based on law of employment, it is a right for a people not to reveal about the disability potential. It may be happened if the disability is related directly to the job. It is acceptable to be opening minded. The open minded will bring the trust feeling […]

PTSD in Veterans – Disability Compensation Claim For Post Traumatic Stress Disorder –

My HealtheVet – Many people fought with their lives for their country. After war was finished, many veterans suffered from some diseases. One of them is Post-Traumatic Stress Disorders or it is well known as PTSD. Many people are not still familiar with PTSD. Basically it is a mental health issue that can cause traumatic […]

Veterans Health Benefits –

My HealtheVet – The health care for veterans is guaranteed by the US government. The US government gives their words to the veterans. This is to honor the veterans’ service to their country in the armed forces. The government informs that there will be explanation of benefits summary, what to do if there are problems […]

PTSD Vietnam – Is There Still Time to Heal From the PTSD?

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If you have PTSD as a result of service in Vietnam, there is good news. Time is your friend and their is time to get over the trauma. Because of the way that PTSD is manifested, time away from the actual cause of the trauma is a turn in your favor, one of […]

VA Benefits: Hearing and Vision

My HealtheVet – The Department of Veterans Affairs will ensure access to audiology and eye care services including preventive health (care) services and routine vision testing for all enrolled veterans and those veterans exempt from enrollment.

Eyeglasses and Hearing Aids

The VA will provide eyeglasses and hearing aids to veterans who meet the following […]